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  • emojilucas:

    daddy ashton showing up 20 minutes late to your daughters dance recital with a giant bouquet of flowers&the boys in tow, shouting too loud&getting kicked out, scooping your daughter up after wards showering her with compliments and going for ice cream even though it’s 8 on a school night

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  • yourflowerqueen:

    Someone let the giraffe out at the louisville zoo last night during the purge

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    this story always fascinates/terrifies me

    imagine noticing your food going missing, setting up a webcam expecting to see like a cat or a raccoon or something, only to see a grown ass woman crawl out of your closet like something from the Ring and then crawl straight back in again

    that closet which, as you view the footage on your laptop, stands about a foot away from you at this moment

    Id be having a heart attack

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  • fleetwoodcraic:

    musician hands are really attractive. let’s not even lie to ourselves.

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  • hemmolameo:

    but like can you imagine your daughter asking daddy!luke to do her hair in two ponytails and he just mumbles, “but i don’t know how to do ponytails” and shes like, “but daddy i want my hair in ponytails” and luke just sighs and attempts to do baby hemmings hair and an hour later they are walking around the streets together and baby girl hemmings hair is in two lose uneven ponytails but she’s all smiles because her daddy did it for her

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  • moonshineirwin:

    but imagine your toddler daughter walking over to you and Ashton and yanking on your sleeve until you ask her what she needs and she gives you this confused look then asks “mommy, why do you call daddy ‘daddy’ too?” because she overheard you two last night and Ashton just smirks at you oh gOD.

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  • inasians:

    you’re just like a pizza, even when you’re bad, you’re good.

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